IT Support

In a competitive business world, any down time caused by IT issues is hugely problematic and can cost a business in more ways than one.

At Wood ITC, we work hard to make sure you don’t lose out. Through our range of IT Support packages, you can have peace of mind with an IT service that is tailored to best suit you and your business. Whether you are a small business operating a handful of computers or a team of several hundred, we can support you and service all of your requirements.

Proactive Service

We understand that your business needs your workflow to be disruption free, with no down time. Which is why we believe in finding and resolving issues before they become a problem for you. Even so, unexpected problems do crop up, but with a Wood ITC support package you can rest assured that you can call our support team and get the help and advice you need, and a solution that is effective for you.

Tech Health Check

Our managed services provide you with an exceptional IT support service, starting with our Tech Health Check. By auditing the IT equipment currently in place, we can supply you with a full report outlining our recommendations and a plan of action, to keep your systems in tip-top shape, as well as a recommended ongoing support package.

Cloud Package and Managed Support

Wood ITC can also offer you and your business a complete cloud package managed and supported by us at the fraction of the cost click here to find out more about our hosting packages.

24/7 IT Support

All our support packages include 24/7 access to our support desk allowing you to create, update and track support tickets. It also includes 9am-5pm Mon-Fri remote support as standard.

You can then choose any additional services you feel would be a benefit to your business, including.

  •  Anti-Virus and Security Management
  •  Back Up and Recovery Management
  •  Monthly IT Audit
  •  Quarterly IT Audit
  •  Annual IT Audit
  •  Policy / Tender Assistance
  •  On Call Service
  •  Onsite Support

Contact us today, for your free Tech Health Check, or talk to us about your needs, before they become a problem for your business.