A FRESH Approach to IT Support

Wood ITC provides a breath of fresh air to the IT world. We are a leading IT consultancy in Manchester making it simple and easy for UK businesses to get the most from IT. We have worked, and continue to work, with clients the length and breadth of the UK.

We also believe IT doesn’t have to be complicated, that’s why we make it as simple as possible, offering a range of services and products that are futureproofed and easy to maintain.

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No jargon

No confusion

Forget about the technical jargon typically associated with IT

Typical IT support companies in Manchester may bamboozle you with technical jargon, not us. We have many years of expertise in streamlining solutions. We offer solutions that are affordable, scalable and more to the point, bespoke. We tailor IT solutions for anyone, from large scale enterprises to one-man businesses and we do it without technical jargon and confusion. If you are looking for Manchester IT support or support anywhere else in the UK, talk to us and find out how we can help you.

A wide range of services

We provide a wide range of IT solutions and support including:

WoodITC a proud supporter of private healthcare

Nationwide healthcare support

We work alongside any type of company offering IT support in Manchester and the rest of the UK. However, we are particularly proud of serving many of the largest private healthcare along with healthcare recruitment organisations in the UK.

Over the years our exposure in assisting entities has allowed us to offer cutting edge hosting solutions for applications such as CareSys, Staffplan and Cold Harbour, plus many more rostering systems. These are specifically designed solutions for the healthcare sector complete with essential additional security.

Digital transformation

Driving collaboration & communication

Wood ITC helps to drive collaboration along with communication. Our mission is to ensure companies can access business resources regardless of their location. In this day and age, more than ever it is essential to be able to work from anywhere, whether at the office or home.

We have a team that can digitally transform your company so you can even work from the comfort of your bed in your PJs, if that is what you want to do.

Our experts have a wide skillset to get your remote workspace up and running on the cloud. This not only allows you to gain access to work resources from anywhere, but it also helps with collaboration and communication. It brings your workforce together regardless of where you are all located.

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