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No jargon

No confusion

Just exceptional IT support for your business

We use our years of expertise to streamline your IT landscape. This drives efficiency all with the idea to save on costs. Our solutions aare bespoke, scalable and affordable no matter your outfit, Whether that be a one-man band or a large scale enterprise. It is our mission to help you make the best use out of your time and ensure you understand the breakdown of our services your way. No Jargon, No confusion.

We’re proud to support private healthcare

Nationwide healthcare support

WoodITC is proud to serve some of the UK’s largest private healthcare and healthcare recruitment organisations. Our exposure over the years in assisting these entities has enabled us to provide cutting edge hosting solutions for rostering systems such as Staffplan, CareSys and Cold Harbour to name a few. These solutions have been specifically designed around the healthcare sector with additional security in mind.

Digital transformation

Driving collaboration & communication

It is WoodITC’s mission to ensure you can access your business resources wherever you are. As working from home is becoming the new norm it is imperative business operations are not tied to being accessed from one physical location. Our hosting team have a wide skillset to help accelerate enablement of the remote workplace and offer cloud solutions to not only access work resources but also drive collaboration and communication to keep your team up to speed with location not being a limiting factor.

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