2019 Cyber Security – 8 New Year’s Resolutions

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December 5, 2018
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2019 Cyber Security – 8 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

We are fully into January now, which is around the time that people begin to find their new year’s resolutions are losing their initial appea.

All across the world, people have made have resolved to exercise more, eat healthier, spend less, save more, etc ec. Good luck to you if you’re one of them.

Here at Wood ITC, we’ve been encouraging our clients to make some resolutions about their cybersecurity over the coming year. Luckily, unlike most resolutions, improving your individual and corporate cybersecurity defence is easier to achieve and sustain throughout the year.

With that in mind, here are a few cyber security resolutions to add to your list in 2019.

1. Review Your Passwords

Across your organisations, you will have users logging with passwords. The password they use for access to the company network should be different than the one used for online shopping or other personal accounts. Encourage your staff to change passwords on a regular basis. The best practice is to change passwords every 90 days. Passwords should be a minimum of 12 characters consisting of random letters, numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols.

2. Use Multi-Factor Authentication

As well as a regular password, the best way to protect your  online data is to use a secondary verification method to confirm it is actually you when you are accessing the company systems or accounts.

Google, Microsoft Office 365 and others have features you can activate to use your mobile phone or one-time passcodes in addition to standard passwords. Talk to us at Wood ITC about helping your company use the technology available to help limit cyber risk.

3. Update Regularly

Business people are busy. When you have lots of work to complete, the last thing you want is to be bombarded with notifications telling you that your machine needs to reboot in order to install critical updates.

The same goes for our phones, when the most common response is to hit, “remind me later” instead of downloading the latest OS patch. Keep in mind the machine you are using is often the portal to your entire digital world! Adding security enhancements as quickly as possible helps to ensure your digital information stays private.

4. Plan for the worst

Don’t wait until until you have a cybersecurity threat before you decide how to deal with it. Plan ahead to ensure that all your internal resources are aligned. This will help you to identify the appropriate response. If you need help making a plan, talk to our experts at Wood ITC.  

5. Stay in touch

In the digital world, things can move very fast. New threats appear almost every day, making it difficult for companies to plan effectively, let alone stay ahead of the curve. Staying in touch with your IT supplier is important, as we often learn about potential trends, threats and security issues quickly. We regularly provide clients and prospective clients with cybersecurity insight about all these topics from our team of professionals. Check out the rest of our blog to stay up to date.

6. Embrace the Cloud

Cloud storage services offer end-to-end encryption of your information to guard it. This makes them much safer for your valuable data than storing on-premises.

Cloud storage services also allow you to access your important data on the move. As well as giving you piece of mind and excellent disaster recovery options.

7. Make Cyber Security a board level issue

Cyber security is not just something that your IT director needs to think about. It doesn’t matter how much you invest in cyber defense, your personnel are the best tools to reduce risk. You and your staff are a target for hackers who are continually looking to steal personal information from computer networks.

Your company’s cybersecurity policies need to be updated regularly and need to be live documents that all your employees know and take seriously. It doesn’t matter what department you work in, make sure everyone remains extra-vigilant to a potential attack.

8. Stay vigilant

If you receive an email that doesn’t sound quite right, or if there is an email telling you of a change in supplier bank account or details,  it’s important to be wary. Maybe there’s a grammatical error, or someone is asking you something out of the ordinary.

There are many phishing schemes and attempts by a hacker to try to trick you via email or fraudulent website into giving them company information or login credentials. If something doesn’t look right or feels out of the ordinary, it could be a cyber-attack. Take it seriously and always know you can talk to our expert team for assistance.

Whatever is on your new year’s list, cyber security should be high on your agenda in 2019. Stay ahead of the hackers and safe this yea

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