• David Wood

    Managing Director

    I am the MD for WoodITC. Having started my journey in April 2007 I have watched the business grow exponentially as each year has passed by. My role is to oversee all functions of the business at board and C-level to ensure we provide top class technical support that is second to none and driving our MSP model to new heights.

    I have over 20 years of experience in the industry and specialise in generalisation working with a broad range of technologies. My goal of no jargon, no confusion resonates deeply and it is mine and the team’s mission to simplify IT and ensure it just makes sense.

    Outside of WoodITC I am a keen runner, having ran a few marathons over the past couple of years I would love to sign up for a few more. When I’m not out jogging I can be found walking the dog or enjoying a spot of fishing.

  • Rachael Smith

    Operations director

    I am the Operations Director here at Wood ITC. My role is to help our clients understand their needs and to ‘hold their hands’ through any migrations. I work hard to make sure that we explain all the important IT process in a way our clients can understand and relate to.

    I have worked here at Wood ITC since 2012 and in that time, I have seen the company grow from strength to strength. I’m proud to be a part of an extremely dedicated and passionate workforce whose primary objective is to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

    Away from Wood ITC I’m a complete Wino! Who doesn’t enjoy a good glass/bottle of wine?

  • Stephen Meadowcroft

    Technical Director

    I’m the Technical Director here at WoodITC. Having joined the firm in September 2015 from a legal IT background. It is my job to ensure all technical aspects of the business are flowing and striving for continuous improvement to promote maximum satisfaction not only for our clients but also the hardworking team here at WoodITC.

    Since joining the firm the demand of our services has driven growth and expanded our workforce five-fold and we have no intention of stopping there.

    I have a strong passion for all things networking related but an even stronger passion for snooker (some may call that boring but that’s what you get growing up in a working men’s club!)

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