Cyber Security

The internet changed businesses forever for the good, but there is also a downside, and this is cybercrime. Wood ITC is here to provide peace of mind, courtesy of cyber security. This includes solutions such as offering numerous layers of application protection and training services for educating workforces.

IT Services

We promise to provide IT support services in Manchester that are jargon-free. We will always strive to make things as simple as possible.

Equipment Procurement

As part of our IT support services in Manchester, we provide bespoke equipment procurement for companies. We work alongside numerous vendors to secure your specific equipment. This includes anything from bespoke laptops and computers to meet your specifications to chairs, bespoke workstations and anything in-between.

Private & Public Cloud Hosting

We specialise in cloud hosting, offering private hosting in our datacentre to ensure you easy access to your services and applications. Whether you need to purchase physical hardware or you need virtual machines with our hardware, we offer cloud hosting that is built to fit the needs of your company.
As part of our Office 365 business support, we also provide public cloud hosting through Microsoft Azure, again, tailored to your specific needs.

IT Consultancy

Our team of experts here at Wood ITC can help you to grow your business through long-term strategic planning. We can help you identify where your company stands and where you want to take your company in the future. We then work with you to help you to reach your goals in a timely manner.

Cloud & VoiP Telephony

Wood ITC works alongside many of the leading VoIP providers as part of our business support in Manchester and the rest of the UK. We offer a solution whether you are looking to update your old telephony services or starting afresh and want the latest technology.

Office 365 & Microsoft 365

Office 365 is one of the most widely used office solutions around the world and we provide professional Office 365 support in the UK. We provide help and support whether you need assistance with installation, the configuration of services or management. We provide Office 365 business support in aspects including email, document libraries, OneDrive, Web apps and more.

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