Cloud Computing

With Cloud Computing you have less downtime, at less cost. See how our Hosting Packages can deliver real benefit to your bottom line.

Improve Collaboration with fast Access for your users

With a Cloud Computing package your users can store the files they use daily, and secure shared servers, located in a data-centre.

This means that the users can access their emails, files, presentations and other data from any location that has an internet connection, or even from a mobile device. They can also collaborate more effectively and quickly using as software can be run on these remote servers, taking away the need to load and keep up to date software on each computer.

With your data securely located in a data-centre, your users get better access due to the large and very fast Internet connections available through data-centres.

Safe, Secure, Reliable Data Storage

With a hosting package, you don’t need special facilities in the office, with redundant power supplies and standby generators, air-conditioning and fire suppression systems as well as secure access to the equipment.

These are all standard in a data-centre and often far superior than would be implemented by most companies.

Hosted in the cloud, and all up and running quickly and easily without the upfront costs of an on-premise deployment, Microsoft Office 365 enables your workers to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Hosting Packages

Free Tech Test

Our Free Tech Test is a summary of our Full Health Check. We use this to discover any security issues and to summarise items that might cause a problem for you in your network. Take the Tech Test by clicking HERE

Full Health Check

Before we start working with your business we usually carry out a full audit of your computer systems. This should cause you little or no disruption.

Once our Health Check has been completed, we will provide you with a report together with a report together with findings. We will also detail to you the implications of our findings and our suggested fixes.