Cyber Security

The Experts in Business Cyber Security

At Wood ITC we provide the very best in IT cyber security for businesses. We specialise in protecting and securing your business systems. With our Kaspersky cyber security solution, we can add a vital layer of protection for your businesses that will help you to avoid potentially devastating cyber-attacks.

We give our customers real-time protection against network threats, along with the most advanced filtering and anti-spam systems, as well as the peace of mind of full disaster recovery.

With Kaspersky and our Silent Cloud Solutions, all your users are linked to our antivirus server. This runs a daily check on your systems and tells us if there is an issue, so we can flag it up and sort it out straight away.

Cyber Essentials

Wood ITC are accredited to Cyber Essentials, the Government backed security scheme that helps business to maintain their data security and prevent cyber threats. Find out more

How We Help with Cyber Security

We believe in “prevention rather than cure”. There are a range of security measures you can take which will help to secure your business data against attack. Our cyber security specialists can help you with:

  • Anti-Virus – using our Kaspersky antivirus solution, we can prevent the latest sophisticated viruses such as malware and ransomware from attacking your network.
  • Anti-Spam – filter out unwanted mail and attachments that can contain harmful links or malware.
  • Intrusion Detection – keep out criminal hackers with real-time monitoring of your network traffic.
  • Firewall – a vital barrier to keep harmful your data and networks safe.
  • Business Internet and Wi-Fi – separate guest logins to restricted areas of your network, and limit access to undesirable websites. Find out more<LINK TO BUSINESS INTERNET>
  • Document Management Systems – encrypt and protect your files and data from hackers.
  • Off-site Back-ups – secure cloud backups of your files, data and applications. Find out more <LINK TO CLOUD COMPUTING>
  • Disaster Recovery –  ensures that all your critical functions can be restored and run with minimal disruption.

Cyber security – your next steps?

Preventing attacks and ensuring that you can get your data, applications and systems back working after an attack means that your business can continue working. Cyber security is a serious risk to any business network. Without the proper protection in place, your business is in danger. To learn more about our cyber security solutions or to talk to one of our experts, contact us today.