Dark Fibre is coming to Tameside! But What is Dark Fibre?

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Dark Fibre is coming to Tameside! But What is Dark Fibre?

Dark Fibre Fibreoptics

It sounds a bit sinister, but Dark Fibre is an almost literal description of a fibre optic network that is currently out of use. Want to know how it can benefit your business? Read on!


Unused Fibre Optic Networks

The term dark fibre is used to described the unused, or potential, network capacity of fibre optic networks.

What do we mean by that? Data in fibre optic networks is transported by passing pulses of light through the cables. When the fibre optic cable isn’t in use, and doesn’t have light shooting down the pipes, the fibre is literally “unlit”. This led to the engineers to start calling these fibre cables “dark”.

Dark Fibre is essentially optical fibre infrastructure that is not in use.


Why is there unused fibre cable?

When fibre optic cables are laid down, many companies will, in order to future-proof their networks from exponential data growth, overestimate the amount of infrastructure and cabling required.

This overestimation coupled with technical advances in the way in which data is packaged means that many optical fibre networks have extra capacity that is not being used. Economically, any cable that’s not being used is bad for the telecoms industry. It’s an overcapacity of supply not met by demand.

Ofcom reviewed the market in 2016 and opened the possibility for fibre network owners to begin leasing the fibre cables, without providing a ‘managed service’.

This means that instead of supplying and maintaining the boxes which send the data down the pipes, it is possible to lease the ‘dark fibre’ only. However, whoever leases it needs to do the rest.

In many ways dark fibre service is a raw network.It can be used to connect end users to various broadband services, co-located equipment in local exchanges, base stations for mobile telephony and other large, sophisticated networking users. Which makes it very flexible.


Dark Fibre Network Providers

Since 2016, Dark Fibre networks have developed to take advantage of the extra capacity from these unused optical fibre cables.

The term ‘Dark Fibre’ has now evolved and encompass the practice of leasing ‘dark’ fibre optic cables from network providers and operators.

With Dark Fibre, a client can expect to get high levels of performance, a highly secure network and superfast speeds, but at a fraction the cost of a standard leased fibre line.


The Benefits of Dark Fibre

For businesses, Dark Fibre offers a huge advantage. Increased connectivity and bandwidth is vitally important for today’s businesses. A fast, always-on internet connection stopped being a “nice to have” years ago. For businesses today, superfast connectivity is as crucial as the other utilities of gas, electricity and water.

Dark Fibre offers this to smaller businesses at a vastly reduced rate. In a data-intensive world, a dark fibre connection can give your organisation an unmatched level of speed, performance, and control.


Given dark fibre’s significant advantages, it is well worth considering as a broadband option for a small, medium or large business.

With our expertise in a full suite of telecommunications services, and our exclusive access t the Tameside Loop, Wood ITC can assist any Tameside orgnisation looking to make use of the Dark Fibre opportunity.

If you’re looking for a local provider you can depend on for starting your dark fibre network, feel free request a free consultation now or contact our friendly team for more information.

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