Keeping the lights on in Tameside with Dark Fibre

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November 14, 2018
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Keeping the lights on in Tameside with Dark Fibre

Working in the Dark

Losing the internet in your business these days is a bit like going back to the dark ages – it’s as though the lights have gone out!


Businesses Rely on Solid Broadband Connections

Businesses rely on the internet now more than ever before. Everything from communications to essential customer services are now handled through online apps, software and web portals.


In many areas of business, cloud computing has replaced traditional software products. Most offices no longer maintain networked servers, humming away in the corner. Accounting software, CRM systems, HR systems, email, Office 365 etc all exist in the cloud, making them accessible from any location, and reducing the risks of security and breakdown onsite.


However, all these options that make your business run smoothly and efficiently, also all rely on a solid broadband connection. And the faster, the better!


For businesses today, superfast connectivity is as crucial as the other utilities of gas, water and electricity. Which is why, when the internet goes down, it’s like being plunged into pitch darkness.


The Consequences of Poor Broadband Connectivity

Slow internet speeds have a serious effect on your business. According to a study commissioned by TalkTalk Business, 40% cite this as the biggest time-waster at work. The Federation of Small Business also released figures which said that a quarter of their members are dissatisfied with their internet provision.


The real effect on business is worrying. A quarter of those dissatisfied, stated that their internet problems have cost their business over £1,000 over a 12 month period.


With a reliance on a reliable broadband connection increasing all the time, the impact of poor internet provisions on the economy will become more and more significant.


The problem for many small businesses though, is the cost of guaranteeing a solid and dependable connection. Leased lines and dedicated lines are available for most businesses.


However, these options can be out of the budget of smaller businesses and public organisations.


A “Dark” Solution for Tameside Businesses

For Tameside businesses, though, an answer is right there in the glowing fibre-optic pipelines. Dark Fibre is now available for businesses in the Tameside area, thanks to the extension of the Manchester Loop. Meaning that you no longer have to suffer in the dark.


Dark Fibre is essentially optical fibre infrastructure, laid down by the telecoms companies, that is not currently in use. Since 2016, Dark Fibre networks have developed to take advantage of this unused optical fibre cables.


With Dark Fibre, a you can expect to get high levels of performance, a highly secure network and superfast speeds, but at a fraction the cost of a standard leased fibre line.


Click here to learn more about Dark Fibre.


The Business Benefits of Dark Fibre

The innovative use of unused fibre optic cables offers a huge advantage for businesses in the Tameside region. A super-fast, always-on internet connection is now available, allowing your business to maintain essential services and make the best use of the internet to increase speed and efficiency in all areas of work.


Wood ITC have been chosen to be a Dark Fibre network provider for Tameside.


As a local company, we are able to offer this amazing service to local businesses at a vastly reduced rate.


With our expertise in a full suite of telecommunications services, and our exclusive access the Tameside Loop, Wood ITC can assist any Tameside organisation looking to make use of the Dark Fibre opportunity.


Given dark fibre’s significant advantages, it is well worth considering as a broadband option for a small, medium or large business.


If you’re looking for a local provider you can depend on for starting your dark fibre network, feel free request a free consultation now or contact our friendly team for more information.

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