Russian Cyber Attacks – Are You Prepared?

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April 6, 2018
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Russian Cyber Attacks – Are You Prepared?

Last year, many companies were hit by cyber attacks.

The WannaCry attack on the NHS, and the BadRabbit attack on business systems caused panic and problems across the IT world.

The advice to any business owner at the time was to update your systems, check that firewalls and antivirus software was in place and upgraded to the latest versions and contact an expert IT team – and the police – if you think you’ve been a target.

Many people did this – updated – and then sat back, happy that they were now safe from attack.

If that’s you, I’m afraid we have bad news.


Cyber Criminals Do Not Rest

The biggest problem with cyber criminals is that, like most criminals, they don’t sit back … ever!

Since Wanna Cry and BadRabbit, the hackers and criminals out there have been busy creating new problems, viruses, ransomware and malware. All of it designed to breach the current security systems and get at sensitive data.

Additionally this week, we’ve also been told that Russian hackers are targeting millions of devices around the world.

The purpose of these attacks could be espionage, the theft of intellectual property and stealing important information, but it could also be to build networks for potentially devastating future cyberattacks.

“There are millions of machines being globally targeted, trying to seize control over connectivity. The total is believed to include tens of thousands of home devices in the UK alone, which could be used “at scale” for wider operations.” says Ciaran Martin, chief executive of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – an arm of British intelligence agency GCHQ.

According to him, Russia is a “most capable hostile adversary in cyberspace”.


Russian Cyber Attacks

Unfortunately, the security services of the US and UK have also admitted they do not know the full scale of attacks by state-sponsored Russian hackers.

However, they do know that hackers are using routers connecting people’s homes and offices to the internet to spy on any information that is going through them – then harvesting passwords, data and other information that could later be used in an attack.

It’s clear that some of the hacking efforts are directly targeting the British government and our important national services, such as the NHS – where the impact of last year’s crippling WannaCry attack from North Korea showed the devastating potential of cyber warfare.

But it is also clear that other targets, such as internet service providers and the private sector, are also in the crosshairs.


How To Combat These Potential Attacks?

The answer is to Keep Updating Your Systems!

Your business may have updated last year, after WannaCry, but that isn’t’ the end of the process. Putting the right cyber security in place is key to making sure that attacks don’t harm your business.

Our handy guide to Surviving Ransomware and our 5 Actionable Steps for Small Business can help you to put the right processes and security procedures in place.

The other action that you can take is to talk to professional IT experts.

At Wood ITC we offer a free audit of all your business systems to advise and help you make the best possible security decisions for your company.

Cyber Crime doesn’t rest, but by maintaining systems, keeping up to date and following the basics, you can greatly reduce the risks to your business. Contact us here for more details.

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