Secure Storage and Back up

Security against Disaster

No one wants to imagine that disaster will strike. But, sometimes, things stop working. Even though today’s office technology is very reliable, occasionally systems such as hard drives, software, servers or computers fail. Often without any notice. If this happens in the middle of a busy business day, the consequences don’t bear thinking about.

Preparing for a disaster situation by putting the right plan into place for recovery can make all the different to your business. With a secure storage and backup solution in place, your business can continue to function with minimal disruption.

Wood ITC offer a range of services that are designed to protect your business. There are options for any size of organisation or budget that give you ongoing access to your data and IT systems.

Secure File Storage

Wood ITC secure storage packages give you complete assurance of that your important business files safely locked away. We have the capacity to accommodate any size of organisations, from a business startup with one one laptop, to multi-server systems.

Our online, off-site secure data storage uses the latest technology to keep your files, documents and business data extremely safe. Your files are locked to so that only you and your staff can access them. All data is encrypted before leaving your machine, so in the unlikely event that a file should find its way into the wrong hands, it will be unreadable.

Business Private Network

We can provide you with an onsite Virtual Private Network (VPN). Only those within the VPN can access your business files. If your staff go offsite, they have to connect to the secure VPN before they can access your data. That means that even if laptop gets stolen, or left on a train, no one will have access to your files.

When it comes to cyber security and GDPR, the client data on your computer and in your files remains safe.

It also has the added benefit of securing you against “bad leavers”. Staff who no longer work for you can have their user profiles locked down, so they can no longer access data or cause you damage.

We always offer Backup with storage. So that your entire system is stored, and can be recovered quickly in the case of emergency.

For more information about the best solution for your file storage needs, contact us to talk to our expert advisors.