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The internet and technology have allowed businesses to thrive and branch out. While it delivers a great deal of good some have taken advantage of it and there is a dark side by way of cybercrime. All business owners are at risk of cyber-attacks leading to money loss, theft of data, ransom and more. Thankfully, we can provide you with the protection you need to give you peace of mind when it comes to your business, by way of cyber security.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is an umbrella term relating to keeping your business safe from cybercriminals. It is the application of using control, processes and technology to protect your business systems, programs, networks, data and devices from a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity can reduce the risk of your business being hit and affected by a cyberattack as it gives protection against the exploitation of your networks, systems and technologies.

Why your business needs cybersecurity

Companies both big, small and those in-between are at risk of cybercrime. No business should consider itself exempt from attacks.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at some of the numerous types of cyber threats out there and some statistics surrounding cybersecurity.

  • Backdoors – this threat gives criminals remote access to your systems;
  • Crypto-jacking – illicit cryptocurrency mining software is installed on your systems;
  • DDoS attacks – these attacks flood your servers with traffic, along with your systems and networks to bring them down and offline;
  • DNS attacks – your DNS is compromised and redirects your traffic to malicious websites;
  • Form jacking – criminals use your online forms to insert malicious code;
  • Malware attacks – Malware attacks are the name for files and programs hackers use to harm, disrupt or steal data from your computer. They include botnet software, ransomware, RATs, Rootkits, Spyware, Trojans and viruses.

43% of small businesses are victims of cyber attacks

You might believe that it is only the huge businesses that are at risk of cybercrime and need cybersecurity in place. Well, think again. Figures have revealed that 43% of small businesses are victims of cyberattacks. Many small business owners don’t have the required security in place and this is perfect for criminals as it leaves the business vulnerable.

3.1 billion Emails are spoofs, scams or phishing

Email is a great and fast way of communication but sadly some people use it for nefarious means. In fact, more than 3.1 billion emails sent out each day are spoofing, scams or phishing. 36% of all security breaches involved phishing emails.
While email software has spam filters the criminals use the latest technology to get around them. Spam messages cost companies billions of pounds each year.

83% of small and medium businesses cannot recover

A staggering 83% of small and medium businesses don’t have the equipment in place to recover from a cyberattack. It costs companies a great deal following a data breach, even after the incident is contained. The costs associated with data breaches are many, including fines, delays and the need to boost cybersecurity. It is estimated that companies spend around three million each year just recovering from an attack.

How we protect your business from cybercrime

The above statistics reveal why cyber security is essential for any size business. Cyber threats are always evolving thanks to technology constantly evolving. Criminals always seem to be one step ahead of security measures. Whether you have concerns about ransomware, recovering from a cyberattack, phishing emails or scams, or any other threat, talk to us.

WoodITC can provide your business with the correct security measures and we offer numerous layers of protection including:

  • Protecting your applications;
  • Offering solutions for email protection against scamming and phishing;
  • Protection for workstations;
  • Office network protection;
  • Much more.

We use a combination of DNS filtration, auto-remediation antivirus solutions and unified threat management subscriptions to protect your business from cybercriminals.

We provide cyber security training services for your workforce

Along with providing cybersecurity measures we also offer training for the workforce. This helps them to identify social engineering tactics, including detecting phishing emails along with spoof emails.

All of these factors are extremely important in ensuring your business is not at risk of operational downtime, which can end up costing a great deal. Along with this, the measures guard against any potential data loss and the reputation of your company. If you do become a victim of cybercrime, even if you manage to recover financially, you might not be able to recover your reputation.

We cannot stress how important security awareness is within businesses both big and small. All employees must know the effect security can have on day-to-day activities within the workplace.

WoodITC can help to transform your business, making it more secure against cybercriminals. Give us a call on 03330143470 to find out how we can make your business more secure and give you peace of mind.

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