Private & Public Cloud Hosting Built to Scale

Cloud hosting is the bread and butter of WoodITC and we offer cloud hosting solutions that can be built to scale, however big or small.

We are proud to offer both private and public cloud hosting services through our datacentre. Our service provides access to applications/services with the assistance of the software vendor EG CRM systems/Rostering systems, file servers and much more.

When you choose us for public cloud hosting or private cloud hosting you can opt to purchase physical hardware, which is also known as a dedicated server within a rack. Alternatively, you may request a specific number of virtual machines, dependent on your requirements, which will run on our hardware. Whatever choice you make you can be assured that they are exclusively locked down for your security and peace of mind.

WoodITC Specialise in Microsoft Azure

We take a great deal of pride in the fact that we are Microsoft Azure specialists. We can provide you with public cloud hosting through Microsoft Azure. This means you don’t need physical hardware as Azure cloud hosting works in a similar way to our private virtual machine.

Office 365 is one of the most favoured pieces of software, for many reasons, and if you and your team already use it you already have the basic layer of Azure infrastructure in place. If this is the case you may wish to consider Azure cloud hosting.

WoodITC can expand upon this basic infrastructure and scale deliverability within the workplace thanks to such as virtual machines, storage accounts and a great deal more.

The features of Azure cloud hosting are ever-expanding, offering services that help you to meet the challenges of business. With Azure hosting, you can easily develop, deploy and manage from anywhere using an array of tools, frameworks and languages.

You also have security and safety measures at your disposal through backup and disaster recovery. This means you never have to worry about losing valuable resources, files, databases or anything else. Plus you gain access to valuable insights and analytics that can assist you in making strategic decisions.

Key Features and Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Whether you choose private cloud hosting or public cloud hosting you will benefit from the following key features.

  • All of your solutions and applications are deployed in a cloud network. This means you can access them from wherever you are as they on not stored on your premises on a single server which you may not be able to access;
  • Resources can be scaled to the users’ needs and requirements;
  • Your organisation will only have to pay for the resources being used, which saves money;
  • There are no limits to cloud hosting as it supports MySQL and NoSQL databases;
  • All solutions are controlled and automated through APIs, mobile apps and web portals;
  • Typical hosting services come with limited bandwidth. Cloud hosting on the other hand can be scaled to take seasonal demand or traffic spikes into account;
  • Public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting is both a great deal more reliable. If websites and applications are stored on local hardware and that hardware fails, downtime can become troublesome and expensive, not to mention the possibility of a complete loss.

The Difference between Public Cloud Hosting and Private Cloud Hosting

WoodITC offers private cloud hosting solutions and public cloud hosting; however, you may be debating which of these solutions is better for your needs. You might want to consider the public cloud hosting solution if you:

  • Have predictable computing needs;
  • Are in software development or testing environments;
  • Have and use services and apps needed to perform business or IT operations;
  • Need additional resource requirements for varying peak demands.

You may wish to consider private cloud hosting solutions if you:

  • Are working in an industry that is highly regulated or a government agency;
  • Work includes using and/or viewing sensitive data;
  • Require strong control along with high security over IT workloads along with underlying structures;
  • Have a large enterprise that needs data centre technology that is advanced in order to work cost-effectively and efficiently.

Public Cloud Hosting Services

Our public cloud hosting service provides a wide range of resources which include computing, network, storage etc., along with orchestration tools. This service is based on OpenStack, a shared infrastructure, making it extremely scalable. When choosing public cloud hosting your organisation is billed based on what you need and use.

The advantages of using public cloud hosting include high scalability, flexibility, reduced complexity, affordability, flexible pricing, cost agility and minimum in-house IT expertise.

Private Cloud Hosting Services

Our private cloud hosting service offers a dedicated solution providing an additional level of isolation. The servers deploying your solution are your own, not shared, which means that no one else can gain access to them. The resources are all virtual, relying on VMware software, which provides you with control over the infrastructure as you are the cluster administrator.

The advantages of using private cloud hosting include a dedicated, secure environment, custom security measures, high scalability, efficient performance, flexibility and stringent regulations.


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Why Choose Us For Cloud Hosting Solutions?

We know how confusing technology and cloud hosting can be and we aim to keep things as simple as possible, thanks to a friendly team always on hand to help. We do away with the stigma associated with IT by offering you solutions that are both simplistic and futureproof. We always take the time to make sure you choose the most suitable cloud hosting solution and that your organisation understands the chosen solution.

Talk with us to find out more about private cloud hosting or public cloud hosting solutions available.

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