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The number one choice for building websites is WordPress. This is due to its flexibility and superb choice of templates and add-ons. Here at WoodITC we build hosting packages for you to ensure you get the most out of your WordPress website. 

With WordPress becoming more and more powerful you need a good hosting package. We make sure you get just that, whether you are running a single site or have multiple, thanks to our WordPress website hosting package.

Seamless migration lessens downtime

You might already be running an established website based around WordPress and visitors come flocking to it. If this is the case you may be worried about migrating from your web host to another and the downtime associated with a move.

Well, worry no more. You can make the move to our WordPress website hosting package with little downtime thanks to seamless migrations.

We include migration tools that make moving from your existing host to us seamless and easy. In addition to standard hosting packages, we also offer security bolt-ons, including detection of malware and prevention of malware. We also offer uptime monitoring. This ensures that any issues that may crop up are identified silently and remedied.

We also understand the importance of security for your website and fully manage SSL certificates for no extra cost.

WordPress hosting vs. typical web hosting

You may be wondering why make the move from typical web hosting to WordPress website hosting.

Well, the first reason is to take full advantage of all the functions and features WordPress offers. Hosting packages dedicated to WordPress are an efficient and secure alternative. 

WordPress is great for website building but it can quickly become bloated when you start to add on features and install additional plugins. The majority of basic web hosting is shared, meaning all websites running on that shared package will use the resources, including bandwidth and memory. You might find your site begins to run slowly or it is even inaccessible due to the sheer number of visitors overwhelming the standard hosting package. 

As your website grows it often outgrows a basic web hosting plan, hence the need to move. 

If you want more scalable and customisable hosting dedicated WordPress hosting is a far better option. So, if you are looking for WordPress website hosting in Manchester or the rest of the UK, choose WoodITC.

The benefits of choosing dedicated WordPress hosting

We have already explained some of the benefits of choosing dedicated WordPress hosting but here are some more reasons why you might want to make the move.

  • Expert support for WordPress sites;
  • Better security;
  • Better WordPress performance;
  • A faster site;
  • Staging of websites;
  • Easy SSL installation;
  • Access to development tools;
  • Less downtime.

A support team that understands WordPress

You do get support from the typical website hosting packages; however, when you choose WordPress hosting you can be sure that the support team knows WordPress inside out as they are experts. If something should go wrong they will know how to quickly remedy it, whether it’s a fault caused by a plugin, a theme or an issue at the server level. 

The best security practices possible

There are hackers out there, some more malicious than others, but you have to protect your website from them all. Some might just take fun in bringing your site down while others might hold you to ransom demanding money for them to release your hijacked site. With our WordPress website hosting your site will be more secure than ever.

If the worse occurs you have peace of mind that your WordPress site is backed up, so you can easily and quickly restore it in the worst-case scenario.

Better performance from your website

We offer managed WordPress web hosting in Manchester and the rest of the UK that gives your website much better performance. 

With managed hosting, you get to enjoy performance enhancements, which help speed up your website no matter how many website visitors you get each month. You don’t have to worry about going over bandwidth limits and your site is inaccessible to visitors and customers. 

Make hassle-free changes to your site with staging

You might consider making changes to your website but worry about how those changes will affect your site. Well, with WordPress website hosting worry no more as you can make changes with staging.

This means you make a copy of your site, experiment with changes and when you are happy to go ahead, push your site into production. 

SSL certificates are easy to install

Website security is everything for visitors and customers. It is essential your site is accessible via the HTTPS protocol and you can only have this with a viable SSL certificate installed. 

With managed WordPress hosting packages this is as simple as one click and there is no extra charge.

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