Instant Communication and Collaboration

Voice over IP (VoIP) offer business the perfect balance of managing their telephone systems and cutting call costs. Wood ITC provide VoIP systems in a that are cost-effective and scalable, delivering the best quality calls at the best prices, and a host of additional benefits.

Business Telephony with VoIP

A VoIP system, essentially moves your phones to the cloud. Giving you a maintenance free, cloud-based phone system that can be set up quickly, cheaply and with no disruption to your business premises.

VoIP utilises your existing data network to carry voice communications over the internet. This means that a single network can do everything for you, from your Business Internet through to your daily business calls. The devices you use for these calls can range from traditional handsets through to computer-based software and headsets.

The key factor for businesses is that VoIP offers much more flexibility than a traditional telephone system, meaning that you can set up to manage your current needs, but scale quickly and cheaply, should you need to.

Wood ITC specialise in helping you choose the right system from the many different options out there. With so many different configurations available, it is important that you get the one that’s right for you, with it’s different advantages and drawbacks. To make sure you are fully aware of the benefits and implications of a VoIP system, we take the time to work with you to get the best for your business.

Why Choose a VoIP Telephone System?

  1. Lower Upfront Costs

VoIP is cheap to install, helping you to reduce capital expenditure.

  1. Reduced Call Costs

Calls are made over the internet. So no need to pay landline rental or call providers.

  1. Scalable

If you grow, VoIP can grow with you. No need to install or upgrade to a bigger phone system, you simply add the new users

  1. Remote Worker Connectivity

Your only need one system for all your workers, even when they are on different sites or at home. So, your workers can access the system no matter where they are in the world.

  1. Instant Connections

Your employees can easily use features such as voicemail, conferencing, messaging. Call recording is also standard. With VoIP your internal communications are speedier and more accessible than ever before.

  1. Future-Proof

VoIP can change as quickly as the internet changes. By switching to VoIP, you can buy one system that will last a lifetime.

  1. Number Management and Portability

Your business numbers can easily be managed and assigned quickly. Calls can be redirected to other lines, including mobiles at the click of a mouse.

  1. Better Connection to your Customers

With VoIP you get quicker and more-responsive communication with your important customers. You can stay in touch at a lower cost and deliver streamlined approach to your important customer communications.

Thinking about switching to VoIP, or need to expand your existing system? Talk to Wood ITC specialists today to get the best options for your business.